Monday, May 11, 2015

California Draught

When I first started hearing about the draught in California I felt compassion that they were in such need of rain.  Quite honestly, it is something we get excited about in South Texas.  Our rain fall has been scarce for some time. Then I started noticing the gradual climb in price for produce.  For example, California is a major source of avocados.  I am not sure where our avocados are grown, but the price is inching up.  The broccoli I usually buy is up $.49/pkg. and the spinach almost $1.00 from this time last year. It goes on to other things as well. I'm not sure if all of this increase is draught related. Could I be helping to pay for remodeling our store's square footage by about 50%? Regardless, good food is still part of our best defense. It's time to look for the farmer's market and to pray for rain!