Monday, May 25, 2015


We have known Christina for many years. If  memory serves me correctly, we first met her when she was involved with a youth group in our church.  So it was nice for us to be able to reconnect with her first at Starbucks and then as one of my Facebook friends.  When I sat down to the computer last Saturday after my Saturday morning workout I was touched by her post and knew immediately that I wanted to share it with all of you.  Today I take a back seat to Christina because, quite frankly, I can't write stuff this good!

"Since May 13th I have been getting up at 5 in the morning everyday minus two to go to the gym.
(Very unusual for me since I am not a morning person.)  Another first for me today was waking up on Saturday morning and hitting the gym but I did it.  Why?  Because I am down 10 pounds and am super excited to keep this exciting progress going so I can continue losing weight and getting into great shape!!! Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!!!!"/ Christina

Keep in mind that Christina is a Mom and has a full time job.  She also makes time for friends.
She also makes time for the gym!  Good for you, Christina!