Thursday, May 14, 2015

Exercise To A Better Mood!

There are so many benefits from exercise and I am not going to start a list now.  I would however like to focus on one that doesn't get a lot of consideration. That is the effect of exercise on mood. If you are my Facebook friend, you saw my link to with reference to the blog. You might remember after a stress full day is the temptation to forget the workout. The only thing you really wanted was to get home to your chair. Actually, exercise is the very thing we need after stress full days.  A twenty minute exercise session can boost your mood for hours to come. While we are most likely to exercise when we are neither happy or sad, our mood can benefit most when we are in a bad mood. Think about that the next time you are really to blow up at your spouse. "Excuse me honey.  I'll be back in twenty." It could save a lot of  "I'm sorry" later. My point to make is that I have seen this in action so many times. I most always leave the gym feeling better, happier than when I arrived and I have had so many clients tell me after a workout "I feel a lot better now".  As ACSM  continues to promote, "Exercise Is Medicine".