Monday, June 22, 2015


A Gallup Poll in 2014 noted that 94% of the people surveyed believe it is important to forgive while 48% said they usually tired to forgive. I took a minute to look up the effects on health of holding a grudge or not forgiving a grudge. I was a little surprised that information was readily available.  WebMD reported that failure to forgive can wreck one's health. We know that. There are plenty of studies to support that theory.  Many mental health professionals believe not forgiving is bad for mental health. We know that as well. Is there anyone in the country not aware of what happened in Charleston, South Carolina this past week?  There was no rioting just a lot of talk about forgiveness. I watched as relatives of  the victims stood before the judge and the shooter and offered him forgiveness.  It was amazing!  The reading that pulled it all together for me was from Adam Hamilton's The CALL, The Life and Message of  THE APOSTLE PAUL.  He wrote: "Paul and Silas turned to God as they sang in darkness of their prison cell at Philippi, proving that the most powerful witness you give to your faith is what you do in times of adversity".