Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Stress Eating

A recent post on the Facebook page of Karen Salmansohn said "Whatever your problem is, the answer is not in the frig" and I would add "unless you have a friend, a pastor or a therapist stashed away in there".   A large portion of us eat more during times of  stress and it is mostly salty, sweet, and fat. Let's face it, stuffing oneself with carrot sticks isn't going to create "I feel better now".  There's is a lot to be said about this, but for now let's focus on other ways to deal with stress.

#1. Exercise.  I know first hand when stressed I do not want to go to the gym. I want to go home! I also know it is best place for me.  I may not have my best workout, but I WILL feel better when I leave.

#2. Music has the power to calm and help program good thoughts. Find something to listen to that makes you happy.  I rarely listen to the radio, but when in my car alone I quite often listen to Charlotte Church.

#3.  Stretching.  Find a quite spot and spend a few minutes with a stretching strap or a long belt to stretch out tight muscles. Do it with the good music.

#4. Yoga or Pilates. Both are great options for exercise.  If you know these formats, even a few poses from Yoga and a few exercises from Pilates can help one become centered and tune out the world.  Just ask someone that does this!

#5.  Go outside.  Some really like the outdoors. I know it is hot in South Texas, but walking around the block in the evening, working in the yard, and if you have a garden, enjoying your fruits from your efforts can be calming.

There are other ways to deal with stress than food without the guilt of "what have I done".  Find one that works for you.