Monday, June 15, 2015

Supination. Pronation.

Supination pronation. Do you know where you stand?  That's my attempt to be cute! My daughter asked me this week and I had to think about it a bit. Both are movements that are a natural part of walking and running. We get into trouble when we do one or the other excessively. I supinate (more) to a small degree . Even as a child, my shoes had more wear on the outside of the shoe and particularly the heal. Among other things, Pronation refers to the ankle moving inward. While there is a certain amount of that in a natural gait, an excessive amount can be harmful in the long run. Supination as you can see from the picture involves the ankle rolling out. I have read that over a period of time it can lead to ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, IT band issues and other problems. Wearing the right shoe is so much more important than how it looks, if it matches the outfit of the day, and if it is on sale. I have confessed to the "on sale" issue previously. However, since David's podiatrist got us on the right track we pay a little more, change our shoes out before we look homeless, and our feet are happier.