Wednesday, July 1, 2015

What's In Your Drink?

During the last few days I have had enough interest in the sugar content of beverages to look up quite a few.  It seems there are plenty of options with enough sugar to keep you wide awake on a long road trip.  Some feel sugar sweetened beverages are a major contribution to the obesity epidemic especially among children.  Even with advertised "energy drinks"  such as Red bull, the 150 + calories all come from sugar which will by the way give energy.  Fruit juice, orange, apple, etc. is really not better.  David and I searched the isles of the grocery store Sunday after Church and were disappointed with our findings. There are some nutrients left after juicing, but most of the calories come from sugar. Juice and smoothie bars are a regular thing right now popping up all over the place.  We visited a new one recently with a "freebie" coupon  and have no intention of going back. In "FAT Chance, Beating The Odds Against SUGAR, PROCESSED FOOD, OBESITY and DISEASE", Robert Lustig reminds us that in eating fruit, the sugar is balanced with the fruit's fiber content. However, juice lacks the insoluble fiber. You do have the vitamins from the fruit, but the important fiber goes out with the trash. Years ago when I gave my young children juice, which I considered healthy, I could have just mixed a little sugar in the water in their Sippy cups for the same outcome. Water is still the best option. No sugar please.

Resource: FAT Chance, Beating The Odds Against SUGAR, PROCESSED FOOD, OBESITY and DISEASE by Robert H. Lustig, M.D.