Monday, July 6, 2015


There have been numerous studies of the benefits of eating nuts and peanuts. More than likely, you have read at least one.The most recent one I read followed low income populations and again the mortality rates and the deaths from cardiovascular issues was much lower and less frequent in groups that ate nuts and peanuts.  Dr. Andrew Weil reported on his blog about the high quality of antioxidants found in walnuts. I have almonds almost every morning as a mid-morning snack.  Not only do they have a lot of health benefits, but almonds are satisfying and give me an energy boost.
Here's my thought about having nuts or peanuts as a snack.  I see quite often the amount given as a "handful of nuts or peanuts" and this is misleading unless you are using a child's hand to measure.  A snack of almonds should be about 17. (Yes, I did the math!) I have a medium size hand and a handful is a lot more than 17; twice that amount easily!  As for walnuts, I think 7 is considered a serving.  I assume 7 walnut halves.  Nuts have calories and quite a few calories, so enjoy but don't get carried away.
Resource: Nuts and Peanuts Reduce Cardiovascular Risk and PROLONG LIFESPAN
by Sandy Todd Webster  IDEA Fitness Journal July-August 2015
Dr. Andrew Weil Daily Health Tips