Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Exercise and Diabetes

While I am on the subject of diabetes, let me share some facts that might get your attention. Diabetes affects almost one tenth of the population in this country and 371 million people worldwide.  It is reported that half do not know they have it.   Five thousand new cases are diagnosed daily in the US.
Researches predict that by 2030 the number will be 552 million. That's a big jump! Matthew J. Aguilera and Lyn Kravitz ,PhD, reported from research that resistance training is just as important and maybe more important than aerobic exercise. An increase in muscle mass means help in glucose management. The ACSM recommends patients with diabetes undergo an extensive medical evaluation before beginning an exercise program.  A health care provider can best give exercise recommendations. The ACSM also advises that hypoglycemia is the most common problem in those with diabetes. Rapid drops in blood glucose can happen with exercise leaving one with shakiness, weakness, and  trembling among other things. Ask your physician about carbohydrates before or after exercise to prevent such.  This blog is never intended to give medical advice.  Really.  Ask!!

Resource: ACSM's Guidelines to Exercise Testing and Prescription
IDEA Fitness Journal March 2015 Exercise and Type 2 Diabetes Fitness Handout