Monday, August 17, 2015


A lady a few feet away in church today was discussing her health with a friend.  It appears that she is suffering from back pain and plans to see her doctor this week.  In an effort to vent her frustration about her health, she said something like. "If I go to the doctor with a cold, he says it is my diabetes".  I hear similar frustrations with some of my older adults.  If they comment on knee or hip pain I might ask what their health care provider says and they most often answer, "Oh, that is part of growing older".  It might very well be part of growing older, but there is still a reason. The truth is that while diabetes does not give the church lady a cold or anything else, it does put her health in a compromising position and even more so if she is not doing everything possible to control it.  The body can be compared to an automobile.  If some part is not performing at optimal level, it effects everything.  Diabetes takes a big hit on health and like high blood pressure, heart disease and even sedentary life style, the effects are far reaching.  If you have diabetes, check out the American Diabetes website. Mark it as one of your favorites.  Ask your doctor about what kind of exercise is right for you and when to exercise relating to your meals. Nutrition courses are available for diabetics and most insurance will pay for them (or they have in the past). Also, the doctor has a point! 

The week is new.  I hope you have a good one. Find joy in the day!