Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Text Neck

Forward head is something I have posted about previously.  If you can picture a bowling ball that weighs 12-14 pounds sitting on top of the shoulders, you have the right idea about the weight of your head.  Sitting in front of a screen or driving for the most part of the day seems to encourage poor posture and part of that can be forward head.   Ideally, the ears should line up with the center of the shoulder.   There is another concern for forward head and it is called texting.  Lindsey Beaver of The Washington Post reported on a conversation with Kenneth Hansraj, chief of  spine surgery at New York  Spine Surgery and Medical Rehabilitation.  Dr. Hansraj expresses concern for young people and even high school students.  We all carry our smart phones now constantly checking emails, internet, texts and social media.  That's not going to change, but the accompanying poor posture should be our concern and the bad effects that come with it.   We all love our smart phone.  We just need to keep our head up and look down with our eyes or get ready to pay the piper with text neck.