Monday, September 7, 2015

Money Money

Adam Hamilton talks about two big money wasters (that's what he calls them) in ENOUGH Discovering Joy Through Simplicity and Generosity.  Impulse buying is the first and while I think of impulse buying as the array of candy bars at the grocery store check out, he takes it a little further. Basically he calls it as money spent on a shopping trip buying things we don't need. I've been there although less as I have gotten wiser. The second is eating out.  The average American family eats out about 50% of main meals. So in our area, if a family of four goes out to a modest family restaurant (not fast food) the bill is likely to be around $50.00 and a tip. Doing the math 3.5 X $50.00 is $175.00 X 52 weeks in a year and most Americans have spend $9,100.00 plus tips on food. I am tempted to say bad food.  Mr. Hamilton is clearly showing us ways to simplify our lives and find the means to be more generous with the needs of others.  Spending money is an individual choice.  Assuming the statistics are correct, the eating out is really out of hand. I am clearly pointing out what has previously been a treat is now really a liability and the wallet is the least of it.