Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Chubby Hubby

If you are falling behind in good intentions to exercise, you might look across the dining table for motivation.  Sometimes the best workout partner is a spouse.  If  husband and wife continue to bring up comments to each other about their lack of fitness, they might be each others best chance to get fit.  At my gym I have watched the journey of a couple starting many months ago with both of them over weight and out of shape.  When I saw them recently I made a point of complimenting both.  They looked like entirely different people.  The wife and husband have lost quite a bit of weight. Equally impressive is the endurance on the elliptical and the treadmill lasting for most of an hour. Believe me, they are not cheating in the weight room either.   For some couples it might be challenging, but even then establishing some ground rules might be beneficial so one is not pushing the other.  Rules such as making a commitment to workout days and time and following through with healthy eating can help to keep both on track.   It's harder if one is drowning in chips and the other is eating apple slices.  Both need to be close to the same level. No one likes a "show-off".  So if you have a chubby hubby and you are kind of there yourself, partnering might just be an answer.