Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Potassium 2nd edition

We tend to think of potassium or lack of when dealing with a painful muscle cramp in the middle of the night. Weakness and fatigue are two other symptoms of low potassium.  There are others.  I had a conversation with my pharmacist on Sunday about potassium telling her that I eat a banana most every day.  She went on to say that in order to get enough potassium from a banana, I would have to eat one her size! I looked it up.  She's right.  So I did my own search about potassium to find other  sources.  Most come with a price. Seedless raisins have over 1000mg along with 85 grams of sugar. Avocados and kale are good sources, but we would have to eat more than a bunch to get the needed amount. The best source I found is soybeans with 2528mg for one cup with 811 calories.  That's the price to pay! The one thing to take away from this is that if you think you are deficient in potassium, have your doctor check your level. One banana isn't a drop in the bucket.  Well, maybe one drop.

Resource:  Mayo Clinic website