Monday, October 12, 2015

Bringing Value To Life

Do you know what an infarct is?  I didn't until a few months ago and I found out in a hard way. I understand that it is damaged tissue in the brain as a result of blood flow blockage to the brain. Sometimes more than one area is effected.  Such can lead to other issues like dementia.  The American Heart Association released interesting information recently in the journal Stroke.  It appears that studies have shown that doing what you consider valuable in life not only gives personal satisfaction, but also good mental health. Reports from a recent study at Rush Memory and Aging Project revealed that those having strong purpose in life were 44% less likely to have infarcts.  In younger years, it is often hard to find time to consider what brings personal satisfaction outside of a career even though I am impressed constantly by some of your volunteer projects.  With aging finding those opportunities for service in meaningful ways is even more important. I know one who volunteers in an after school tutoring program.  Another listens to school children read.  My Mother operates a second hand store and donates the proceeds to The League of The Good Samaritan. Some of you are grandparents and spend quality time with young grandchildren.These are all ways to bring value to all life.  Helping others in a career or as a volunteer is a great way to bring value to life and add to mental health at any age!

Resource: The Value Of Purpose In Life by Shirley Archer, MA IDEA Fitness Journal September 2015