Monday, November 30, 2015

Feeling Stuck?

We all have those times when we feel stuck, or more to the point, just want to let exercise and clean eating go to the wayside.  After all, it's not doing any good anyway, right? Wrong!  All of the good gained from exercise shows on the inside of the body which eventually makes for better health.  While it is easy for us to think that the beginning and end of a good exercise session is cardio and weight training, it's not.  Actually, that is one of the pitfalls particularly for beginners. Some tend to stick with what they started with which for most is cardio and weight training.  Lately I made some changes to my own programs mixing in some Pilates after cardio.  While I have always exercised in the morning, I have found that I really enjoy going to the gym after lunch.  Not only do I have the morning to do other things, but much to my surprise, I have more energy in the afternoon.  Experiment with what you do for exercise.  There is more than one way!