Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Living With Pain

Forty five percent of Americans experience pain on a regular basis.  For many, the pain is chronic which means it is not going away.  Fortunately I'm not one of them at this time.  Chronic pain and the emotional changes that go with it can actually make negative changes in one's posture.  In pain we get protective by rounding the spine, hugging the arms across the body, going into a forward head syndrome and clenching the teeth.  Over time that posture becomes more permanent bringing with it a whole new set of problems.  Believe me when I say I am not in any way being critical, but one day standing straight is not an option.  So what can you do when hurting?  My reference suggests giving the body time to rest and recover.  A restorative or chair Yoga class might be beneficial. (My suggestion, not theirs.) Maybe not. One of my friends schedules time to nap and another has to plan her activities so she doesn't get overwhelmed physically. She might do just one extra activity a day. The added mental stress of doing to much can also make the muscles tense and bring pain.  Equally important is finding ways to de-stress before trying to sleep.  I love my wild sweet orange tea.  The nightly news is not part of the solution.  I don't even pretend to be knowledgeable with pain management.  I know that a cup of tea is not the answer, but there may be suggestions somewhere being overlooked that might be helpful!

Resource: The Impact of Chronic pain, fitness handout, IDEA Fitness Journal, October 2015