Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Multivitamins: The Pricetag

I became a little leery about store brand supplements a few months back.  Internet research found that some products were not always truthful to the label and some had fillers.  I had to re-think some of my favorites.  A recent report from also found some multivitamins and multiminerals not always living up to the claims on the package.  They reviewed 41 multivitamins and several failed the test.  In addition, price was not a determining factor.  When I read the report I found that some of the ones approved were pennies a day and some much more. Some were labeled "not approved" in red.   Maybe I really don't need to spend quite so much to get a quality product. 

If you really have questions about what you take, check out the report on  However, there's a  $39.00 catch.  While a membership comes with a $39.00 price tag for the year, it appears they review products every month so it could be worthwhile in the long run. You might make up the $39.00 pretty fast!

Fitness Journal For ACE Certified Professionals April 2016