Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Extreme Exercise

Permanent weight loss is a hard thing to come by if its 15 pounds or 150. A study reported in Huffington Post recently followed quite a few of the contestants on Biggest Loser to find that many of them had regained some weight and some of them had regained all of the weight lost.  There is a lot involved in weight loss and weight regain.  A few days ago I read another headline about losing weight in just a week.  If the weekly weight lost is more than a couple of pounds, it's probably coming right back.  With extreme exercise being part of the initial plan, the weight lost is even harder to maintain when regular exercise is maintained.  How many of you can exercise more than an hour a day?  How many of you would want to exercise more than an hour a day?  We as a population have slowed down considerably, but our food and our love for it hasn't changed for the better.  Add that to the fact that metabolism slows with each year and it takes quite a bit of perseverance to accomplish weight loss goals.  The percentage of dieters losing weight and keeping if off for even one year is very small.  Kind of makes one want to give up before getting started.  The happy ending is that even a weight loss of 10 pounds can make positive strides for health.  So if weight is something you are struggling with, remember that while you may not get to and stay at your ideal number, there's still a lot to be gained in losing.

Resource: Huffington Post May 11, 2016  Preventing The Next Biggest Loser Dr. Ayala- Cahana, M.D.