Thursday, May 26, 2016

Friends In Fitness

If weight loss is one of your goals and you have more than a few pounds to lose, there are a couple of issues to consider before day one.  The first is the environment.  You have most likely seen the food police on TV cleaning some poor souls pantry and frig. While you may have experienced  a moment of pity, it is the first step towards putting a plan in action..  The second issue is a support system and it may be harder to find than you think.  The co-workers are still going out for happy hour after work and your family may choose to stick with whatever is normal for them. You need someone that is more than willing to take the journey with you.  Social media offers opportunities to partner with friends for friendly competitions to lose a few pounds the healthy way, to make "step goals" everyday, as well as participate in reasonable fitness challenges.  Check out the possibilities on Facebook to find friends that are willing to "hold you up" and keep you from slipping as you do the same for them.  My friends inspire me quite often and you might find the same.