Sunday, January 1, 2017

Clean Eating...In The Beginning

Earlier in December I read on Facebook a "letter to the editor" of sorts from a lady that I will call Debbie.  Her need for help concerned nutrition.  Debbie wrote that she had tried without a great deal of success healthy eating and found it to be hard.  Debbie has 2 small children and a full time job outside the home.  When she arrives home for her second job she is too tired and too hungry to spend the necessary time to prepare healthy meals even for herself.  I don't recall the answer from the editor but I share my suggestions with Debbie below. 

#1.  Planning ahead is crucial. Planning the most of your meals once a week, making a list, and following it will make a weeks worth of meals a lot easier.  If your goal is to eat clean you can't wait until you walk in the door and open the refrigerator because it most likely will not be there.

#2.  Prep.  Take an hour out of your weekend and dice and slice.  Monday is my busiest day so I actually cook part of the evening meal the night before or Monday morning. (If I leave really good instructions my husband can get things started. Really good.)

#3.  Keep it simple.  Good clean food doesn't require a lot of fuss. 

#4.  Add variety.  You will get bored from the same meals appearing on your table week after week.
You will have your favorites but it is also important to branch out a little.  Just recently I discovered a tofu stir fry that my husbands likes so much that he reminds me to get the tofu when shopping.

#5.  Use your freezer.  When you find meals that freeze, such as soups and chili, make more than enough so you can have an "off" night from the kitchen.

I have to tell you, Debbie, in the beginning it is hard.  It is much easier to visit the drive through on your way home. The kids love the nuggets, hubby doesn't complain about the burger and everybody is happy.  Until the doctor says the blood sugar is high and the scale numbers are climbing. You don't need to do everything at once so make a few changes each week.  In the end it is one of the best things you can do for yourself and the people you love.  Hang in there!