Sunday, February 5, 2017

Less Than Healthy!

"A hallmark of intelligence and what separates us from other animals is our ability to think about consequences of our behavior before acting on impulse."
Use Your Brain To Change Your Age by Daniel G. Amen, M.D.
That said if you are motivated to make 2017 less than healthy there are a few things that you might consider.  Below are my top 5.
#1.   If you smoke, don't quit.  Smoking cessation can make a considerable difference toward good health in a relatively short period of time.  For instance, a couple of weeks after the last cigarette the risk for heart attack begins to drop and the lungs are happier.
#2.  Make friends with the couch.  Studies have shown sitting for long periods of time to have a strong negative effect of health.   Some say it is the new smoking with links to heart disease and some cancers.  Stand up meetings may not be for you.
#3.  Don't buckle up.   A huge percentage of  highway deaths each year are with those not wearing seatbelts.  It may be the law but many are getting away with not. Well, almost.
#4.  Forget about clean eating.  Generally speaking processed foods have added sugar, salt, and fat to improve the taste and make you want to eat even more of the same, all while adding more calories to your diet.  Packaged snacks are considered processed.  If you want 2017 to be less healthy choose the package. 

#5.  Finally if you are inclined to exercise go for the "stuff" you see advertised on TV.  After all if its good enough for TV it is most likely good for us!

It goes without saying that I would not choose the 5 for any of you.  Always choose to make the better choice.