Thursday, May 4, 2017

Make The Effort!

Whenever I flip through the pages of any of my fitness magazines the models always look strong, lean, and fit.  The cover photos of Shape or Men's Health standing by the checkout at HEB show models that are strong, lean, and fit and I might add, scantly clad.  Last week as I typed an announcement for my group of old older adults I searched clip art for models.  Again the pictures that popped up were ...models with grey hair and few wrinkles. I settled for cartoon figures.  However, when I go to my own gym I see a different picture.  There are a couple of men there making efforts to do serious body building and a woman or two as well. For the most part I see regular people.  One lady is coming back from having a baby.  Another is putting miles on the treadmill. Some of the older ones are keeping it simple and one or two are really having a hard time just making the effort. I admire them! Not very many model types where I work out.  Instead we have regular people, all different shapes and sizes, trying to accomplish the same goal and that is to be healthier. I often read quotes to "always be the best you can be".  "Give 100% everyday".  Recently I read, "be the best you can be on any given day".  Quite frankly, giving 100% everyday is exhausting.  I say walk in the door of the gym and just get start!  Make the effort!