Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Hand Full of Food

One of my class participants made a comment last week  about his extra pounds and at the same time said he was not into counting calories.  I did not even bother to suggest journaling. Talking about portion control in the traditional sense is going down the wrong path as well.  Some are not into getting out the measuring cups.  So I think the best thing for him might be portion control with the hand in mind. You might find it helpful as well.  If you draw an imaginary line around the palm on the picture to the left a protein serving is one circle. This is one palm not only in circumference but in depth as well. Make a fist and that is a serving size for veggies. A cupped hand indicates the right amount for carbs such as grains and fruits.  Men get more servings than women.  There is more that you might want to check out, but this is a start.  One of the big challenges with weight loss is how much we eat. Look at the hand. It might lead you in the right direction.

Resource: The Secret To Serving Size Is In Your Hand,  It also provides a colorful picture print out for easy reference.