Saturday, June 17, 2017

Father's Day Gift

In my inbox this morning was an advertisement from Bosu.  It read something like "Dad called and he wants a Bosu for Father's Day". Unless Dad is part of a small minority that works out at home, Dad does not want a Bosu for Father's Day and Mom certainly does not want it cluttering up her house.  I have Dads and Moms tell me everyday that they "have all this stuff and could exercise at home".  I nod my head in agreement not worried that they will disappear and I will never see them again. There is something motivating about going to a fitness center for exercise or a trainer for help. Others are trying to accomplish the same thing. People your size are there and that is emotional support. Along the way you learn a few names, make a few friends and you have even more reason to go. I think the #1 reason I see the same people walking in my neighborhood day after day are the friends they walk with.  However, the biggest advantage to finding a gym or a trainer is the help. You don't have that at home alone.  And if having "all that stuff at home" worked, garage sale profits would be way down.  I'm just saying that if Dad really wants a  Bosu for Father's Day buy him one, but a better idea would be to get him a Bosu with someone to teach him how to use it properly. Along the way he may learn to like it and that could be life changing. Additionally he may do it without breaking a leg. Really!