Tuesday, August 8, 2017


"Change starts in your thoughts."  

When our son was quite young, maybe 5 or 6, some of his favorite toys were transformers.  He could take a toy airplane and with a few quick turns transform it into a battleship or a monster.  His little fingers were so fast that his Dad and I could never figure out how he did it. "Transform" means to make a major change.  He did that with his toys.  I read recently about a real woman who had struggled for years with her weight problem.  After trying countless diets and fitness programs only to fail, she finally decided she had to change her mindset.  The British dictionary defines mindset as the ideas and attitudes a person approaches a situation when especially the situation is seen as being difficult to alter. Mindset involves attitude, behavior, the way we think and with effort mindset can be changed. The lady I read about took responsibility for herself and her transformation was remarkable. Fitness trackers were involved as was social media. She found online communities that became her inspiration. Facebook provides community for just about everything.  In the end she made a major change. She was the transformation!