Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Deck of Cards

Eileen, a friend of mine from church, recently attended an event with the American Diabetes Association. She brought me a "goody bag" complete with fresh fruit, some healthy recipes and meal planning information. What I found most interesting was "The Plate Planner". We have heard often that it is not what we eat that is such a concern, but how much. However, since few of us walk around with a set of measuring cups, it is often hard to know how much a serving allows. The ADA has some good visuals that you might find helpful. For instance, 1 cup is equal to the size of a baseball and 1/2 cup equals a light bulb (not a spot light) while 1/3 cup is an egg. Two tablespoons(serving size for peanut butter) is a golf ball and 1 tablespoon is the last part of a thumb. One teaspoon is a penny and an ounce is 4 dice. So the next time you start to cut into a steak, remember the size of a deck of cards is all that's needed.