Monday, March 28, 2011

Eating Light?

Billy Strynkowski,a celebrity chef seen on TV from time to time,is executive chef of Cooking Light magazine. In an interview recently he was asked “What have you seen change the most in the cooking world?” The surprising answer was portion size. He says that chefs tend to cook smaller portions now with fresher ingredients and simpler foods. He went on to offer his insight on our problems as a nation with weight gain and obesity. He feels these issues stem not only from fast food, but from snacking. This is what is called "Mindless eating"! We eat because we are bored, lonely, mad, or depressed. Food makes it all better for a while. People that are not having weight issues are aware of what they are eating, when they eat, and why. They figure it out and make adjustments.

Resource: March 2011 IDEA Fitness Journal