Friday, March 25, 2011

Saturday Morninig

On Saturday morning I teach a step class at the health club in Boerne. I love step. It's still my favorite workout! For the past few weeks I have programmed my class as a step interval. In other words, I stepped it up a bit. My participants are fit and can do just about anything I can call. Let me re-phase. My participants are fit and can do anything I can call. I have added in short burts of intense work and shorter periods of recovery. Interval training has been known to give a better return for time spent in a workout. I have written about it previously. One of the reasons to consider interval training is that it improves fitness quickly. Aerobic training improves aerobic fitness and repeated anaerobic training improves aerobic and anaerobic fitness. It's also quite easy to incorporate interval training into your own workouts. Remember I talked about the older man years ago in Corpus Christi that walked 2 houses and ran two houses? He had a personalized interval training workout, but no class needed. Well, he did have class, just not an instructor.