Sunday, May 15, 2011


The Egg Nutrition Center in Park Ridge, Illinois, released some nutritional information recently that puts eggs in a favorable position.

#1. 70 calories an egg provides 113 vitamins and minerals. An egg is an example of a nutrient dense food meaning it offers a lot for the 70 calories.

#2. The white and the yolk are good sources of high quality protein providing about 13% of your daily needs with about half in the yolk.

#3. Most of the fat is unsaturated. While the yolk does have the cholesterol, it can still be a part of a heart healthy diet.

#4. Studies show that one egg each day is fine for most healthy people. However, if you have cholesterol issues, consult a physician.

#5. Recent studies show that an egg has about 185 mg of cholesterol which is about 14% percent lower than we once thought. One possible reason is that the hens are getting better food.

#6. Organic eggs come from hens that are given food without conventional pesticides, commercial fertilizers, etc.

#7. The breed of the hen determines the color of the eggshell. Brown is not better than white when it comes to nutrition. I still like my pretty brown eggs.

#8. In addition to all of this, Dr. OZ says that eggs are rich in choline helping to reduce inflamation in the brain which is another link to Alzheimer’s. Enjoy!

Source: IDEA Fitness Journal May 2011