Sunday, September 1, 2013

Medication Warnings

Let me share some of what I  have been recently reminded.  Quite often when we pick up our prescription medication, the bottles come with red or yellow labels.  The labels are not for decorative purposes nor to clear the pharmaceutical companies of any liability.  Those red and yellow warnings are there for us and should be taken seriously. We have learned this the hard way and I don't want this for you.  When the warning says not to mix with alcohol, it really means not to mix with alcohol. It is not written for someone down the street and around the corner that everyone knows is a heavy drinker.  If you have any questions about time frames or a window of opportunity for an evening glass of wine, ask your pharmacist. When a bottle is labeled not to use while operating heavy machinery, I don't think the restriction is only for Caterpillar or John Deer. Tossing out the written information included with meds is not such a good idea either. Anytime you are prescribed a new medication, read about the side effects from the beginning. Digging through the garbage in the middle of the night in light of an awful rash or shortness of breathe just adds to the stress of an illness!