Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Do It For Love

I remember reading many years ago in" Focus On The Family" by Dr. James Dodson that a family is kind of like the mobile that floats above a baby's crib. (Do we still use those?) His point was to bring to the reader's attention that everything one family member does affects everyone in the family.  Think about the mobile.  If you move one piece even a little, what happens to the other pieces? They move a little as well.  If you pick up one piece and swing it, the rest of the mobile moves accordingly.  Such as it is with a family.

To bring this home, have you ever sat with a friend while a love one is having surgery?  While one person is struggling with health issues, the other is struggling with emotional issues. I know some of you are looking for motivation to make some lifestyle changes.  I hear the phrase "I know I should" a lot, but nothing happens.  Keep a mental picture of your spouse, children and grandchildren and let them be your motivation. You might find yourself doing it for love.