Monday, January 6, 2014

Weekend Workouts

The holiday season was stretched a little at our house this year.  First, we started with Thanksgiving and then moved quickly into December. Our anniversary came next on the 20th before Christmas Eve and the celebration of Jesus' birth.  Our son was born on December 31st so, of course, we celebrated followed by my husband's birthday on Jan. 4th. We have had all of our adult children home for the holidays this year with several of their friends.  Let me tell you, this house has never seen so many desserts and delicious desserts. We just finished the last slice of red velvet cake for my husband's birthday.  However, before you get a little judgmental and start raising an eyebrow, you should know that we have kept our commitment to the fitness center and we have had other things to eat in addition to the desserts.  You should also know that I was so impressed with some of you on Saturday at our class.  You inspired me! You worked hard and while I heard a few groans, that was music to my ears.  If you don't workout on a regular basis through the week-end, I suggest you re-think that position.  Saturday morning is a great time to workout. Go early and you are done and ready to move on for the day.  Sunday afternoon is another great opportunity.  One workout down and you have a head start on the week.