Monday, January 13, 2014


As I talk with some of you I find that one of the hot spots of the day is when all good intentions can go down the tube. It's the time between arriving home from work and the evening meal.  Some people refer to this as a continuous meal or continuous gazing.  The idea of facing the preparation of yet another dinner keeps one looking in the frig and even more grazing.  One thing you might consider once a week is an egg white omelet.  I do them quite often for myself and occasionally for David.  It is so easy and quick (less time to graze) as well as tasty and filling.  This is what I do.

I saute some veggies with a little olive oil. I like onion, spinach, and sometimes tomatoes. Kale works well. Cook until the onion is translucent and the spinach wilted. Put that aside. Now for  the egg whites. Spray your skillet with a little cooking spray and add the egg whites. If you don't remember how to cook omelets, find a video on YouTube.  When the eggs are cooked, return the cooked veggies covering half of the omelet.  Sometimes I might add a little reduced fat cheese.  Fold it over and let everything warm together and you are ready to eat.  Use whatever veggies you like even the leftover one from dinner last night and you have a quick and easy protein and vegetables for your evening meal.  Enjoy!