Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Calories Count

For  a while it seemed that smoothies were the trend and maybe they still are, but I read more about juicing these days.  I even have a juice drink that I like.  I call it my "green drink" from a recipe that my daughter-in-law shared with me.  It is full of so much good stuff that I feel healthier just drinking it.  Keep in mind that juices and smoothies can be high calorie choices and the calories you get from drinks count if you are counting calories.  My green drink has quite a few calories so I divide it into three servings.  I tried to share it with David, but after one serving he said "I'm not drinking that anymore".  Decide if you are going to drink your calories or eat them.  Either way, they add up and they count.  The calories you get from licking the spoon you dipped in the peanut butter count. The calories you get from taste testing the food you are cooking count.  Contrary to popular opinion, the calories eaten between the hours of  midnight and 4AM count. Even the calories from food you swiped off someone else' plate when they weren't looking count. You didn't think I would go there, but I know some of you do that.  Stop it!