Monday, March 24, 2014

Quantum Moments

Dr.Wayne Dyer is an author whose books I have enjoyed at different times in my life.  On my recent vacation I loaded on my Kindle I Can See Clearly Now. I just want to share one short segment with you.  He described different moments in his life as quantum moments, moments that were life- changing for him.  One such moment came when he was a professor at St. John's  University. Standing to the side in the classroom one day watching a group of graduate students simulate a classroom situation, he was aware that one of the students was imitating him.  It was a wake-up call when the student pulled his belt down below his belly like an overweight professor. This was the first time that he realized that he was overweight. This was his "decision on the spot" to get in shape. He started a running program and from his description it was slow and short at first. Once he got into it though, he felt "empowered". The benefits from exercise are numerous.  It can change the way you feel and it can change the way you feel.