Monday, March 17, 2014

Weighted Walking

At the end of the year I purchased a weighted vest to use with my clients that I train at home. I have used it a few times myself and I can tell you it makes a difference.  My vest can be adjusted meaning I can add the weights gradually.  Last week I found an article about walking and the question was asked "Does Wearing a Weighted Vest While Walking Burn More Calories?" My take away from the article addressed the issue of those that cannot walk briskly. Adding a weighted vest of 10% of the body weight can produce a similar intensity of those walking faster.  Some of my friends walk outside and have maxed their walking speed.  I can walk 4.0-4.2 and that's about it.  So if I want more intensity, I need hills or a weighted vest.  To be honest, when I use the vest myself I do it with the hopes of improving bone density.  I am not suggesting that you run out and buy one.  If you have back or hip issues to start with it might be a bad idea.  I'm just passing on some information that serves as food for thought. If you are interested, do some research.

resource: "Walking: The Latest Research" by Len Kravitz,PhD