Monday, March 3, 2014

Very Important Medical Information

Hopefully it will never happen, but just in case you find yourself in a health emergency, it might be beneficial to be prepared.  In Nancy Davis' book Lean On me: Ten Powerful Steps To Moving Beyond Your Disease  Nancy mentions time and time again the need for a Very Necessary Medical ID card. In the event that you have a medical emergency, cannot speak for yourself and there is no one around to speak on your behalf, a medical ID card will come in handy for those trying to care for you. Just the basic information will do; i.e., name, address, ICE phone #s, allergies, current and past illnesses. The name and number of your primary care physician might expedite your care. You might also include the number for your health care insurer and mediations.  If you are interested in doing this on-line, look for  If  you want to protect your privacy, make you own, shrink it and keep in your wallet. I hope you never did need it.