Friday, April 11, 2014

Form is Key!

One of the keys to a successful weight training program (meaning results) is doing it correctly.  Form is key.  Without good form, not only can your workout be a failure, but also injuries can happen.  Therefore, I recommend quite often that especially beginners hire a trainer. Think about the push up. It is a basic exercise that requires a lot of strength and is part of most of my training programs in some variation. It works the muscles in the chest, shoulder, and triceps. However, if done incorrectly, it can aggravate your shoulder joints and back without doing much for the muscles.  The common mistake in doing push ups is sagging in the middle. You might need someone to check your form. Hiring a trainer is expensive on most budgets. I am not writing this to drum up business for myself, but to offer you ideas. Honestly, my schedule at the present time is quite full. Most gyms have fitness trainers on the floor and part of their job is giving you a basic program to follow.They are not going to personal train you for free. They are available to get you started and answer questions you may have.  Partner personal training is also one way to lessen the cost by sharing the expense with a friend.  The down side of partner training is that in the absence of one partner, both are still paying.  That's an incentive to show for sessions.  Many clubs also have group personal training. The cost might be as low as $12-15.00 per session depending on where you live, how many sessions you buy, and how many are in your group. If you seriously want to get into weight training, having a trainer at some level is the smart way to go.  Maybe skip lunch out during the week or cut your own hair to have some extra money.  I'm kidding.  Don't cut your own hair, but if you need some help, get it.  Try PB&J for lunch.