Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Think Positive!

Leslie Ann Quillen, fitness director  at Sportscenter Athletic Center in High Point, North Carolina, shared some valuable advice that she received from a coach.  The coach said, "Start acting as if you are already the thing you want to become.  So get up everyday and act as if you are already living in your ideal body......and do the things that lean, fit people do."  Lean fit people exercise almost everyday.  Lean fit people that I know are active and spend their time doing.  Lean fit people eat clean. Instead of thinking negative thoughts about yourself, think positive thoughts with gratitude.  Instead of thinking I have to do lunges today think I have two feet and I can do lunges today. There are people that don't and can't and a lot of them have figured out how to exercise anyway. Enjoy!

Resource: IDEA Fitness Journal November/December 2014