Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I am not one to coerce anyone into making new year's resolution. A few days ago though we celebrated the first day of spring.  If you are in need of making changes in your life, big or small, maybe spring is a  more appropriate time than Jan. 1st.  In the dead of winter it is cold and dreary.  Few are motivated to go outside and we all add extra layers of clothes when we do.  If you live in northern states you laugh at us from South Texas when we talk of cold.  Twenty-eight degrees is cold! Today as I came home down the parkway I noticed the Redbud Trees budding red, the Wild Pear Trees have dropped the white and are now green, the Texas Laurel are blooming as well as a few cacti. The oak trees are starting to put forth new leaves.   This is the time for goal setting or resolutions. This is the time to decide what healthy eating habits to adopt.  This is the time to get out the walking shoes and walk. Everything is new!!