Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday Workout

I got a little bored with the machines today so I changed my routine .  Maybe you will find an idea that will work for you with your Monday workout.  I  added a 15sec. rest between exercises.

Elliptical 7m warm-up

Step ups: (step/4 risers each end) 30 s
Kettle bell swings: 30s
Side steps with band: 30s
Overhead press: 6-8 each side (I only did the overhead press twice then I switched to lateral lifts with more reps the last 2 rounds.)
1.5m back on the elliptical (Skip the 1.5m on the 4th round since you will be on the elliptical 5m.)
Total 4 rounds

5min on the elliptical

Run up on bench top from straddle position: 30s
Adduction/Abduction: I used the machine although you could use a band. 30s
Squats: (no resistance) 30s
Bicep curls: 12X for 2 sets then triceps overhead the last 2 rounds
1.5 min. on elliptical (Again skip on the 4th round.)
Total 4 rounds

Back to the elliptical to cool-down.
One option is to lower the weight for upper body exercise and do 30s.  I choose to not do that.
Have a good Monday!