Monday, July 13, 2015

Fine Tuning Your Exercise Program

Jade Teta comments in his book "Why Weight Loss Programs Don't Work" that a big part of any "diet" working is fine tuning it to fit individual needs. The same goes for exercise. On most days as I am driving home down Fair Oaks Parkway I see many different people of all sizes and shapes exercising, walking and running. There is the mind set that running will help with weight loss faster. It won't. Clean eating will! Clean eating will make a bigger impact on weight loss than running or walking. Clean eating combined with exercise is a win-win. Consider the stress to the feet and knees and hips when deciding between the two. Both are great exercises! As I  am driving next to runners one thing is clear. Not everyone is made to run. Occasionally when I look at foot placement and knee alignment I just shake my head aware that more problems other than fitness are in the near future. Be aware of the exercise your body needs. To borrow an idea from Jade Teta, fine tune your exercise program to fit your needs. It is not a one size fits all.