Wednesday, July 8, 2015


In a recent article, Why Weight Loss Programs Don't Work, Jade Teta writes "Research is pretty clear that we can focus on only one to three changes at a time. The trick is to determine keystone habits that when changed, make other habits easier to change". Years back as a new personal trainer I fell into the trap of sharing too much information before I saw the glazed over look in the eyes of new clients.  Actually changing too much too fast is a recipe for failure. I have written previously that one clear problem with losing weight is the "continuous meal".  You find yourself laughing because you are familiar with continuous meals.  How many people have said to me "I do really well all day, but the minute I get home I want to eat everything in sight". It starts after work and ends at bedtime.  A few hours a days' worth of good is undone.  A solution might be to walk in the door past the kitchen, change clothes and shoes and go for a walk. I'm not talking about a high intensity walk. If you are not into walking, find something else that's pleasant; something to distress and change your focus. That one change in habit can lessen stress and decrease munching. There are other examples. The continuous meal is only one. Think of issues in life such as lack of sleep or time to relax when changed have lasting effects. You might kill three birds with one stone.

Resource: Why Weight Loss Programs Don't Work, IDEA Fitness Journal, July-August, 2015