Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Weight Maintenance

As I opened  Facebook this week there were pictures of a Facebook friend journaling her weight loss efforts.  There was progress.  Congratulations!  Losing weight is not something to be taken lightly!
During the last few weeks I have known of several making successful efforts to lose weight.

Next to losing weight, keeping it off is almost equally hard.  It is easy for a few pounds to find a home again.  So let me share a few tips for keeping the numbers down.

#1.  Get rid of all clothes you can no longer wear.  Donate them or have them tailored down.  Keeping clothes that are too big "just in case the weight comes back" is a sure sign that the weight will come back.  I believe it is also a sign that one has not fully made a commitment.

#2.  Unless there is a medical reason to the contrary, water is your new best friend.  It can keep you full, refreshed, and thinking clearer.  When you think you need food, start with a glass of water.

#3.  Journal your food choices forever.  Journaling will help you maintain your success.

#4.  A cheat meal or a splurge is one meal, not a day, and should not be over the top with calories and fat.

#5.  Surround yourself with friends that share your new lifestyle.  I am not suggesting that you ditch any old friends, but over time, create relationships with healthy people.

#6.  Resist the urge to spend more time in the gym than is reasonable.  Create a workout plan that you can follow through for the rest of your life.