Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Biceps Triceps

In my workout I leave biceps/triceps to the end.  My reason being that the smaller muscles in the arms assist with so many other upper body exercises and I don't want them exhausted when help is needed.  I quite often hear participants say to me, "I feel this in my arms" as we are working chest or back or shoulders. For instance, with push ups the triceps are right there assisting.  Even though the biceps and triceps assist in other exercises, they still need their share of the workout.  Strong biceps make so many  things more enjoyable like picking up your grandchild.  That will use your biceps. Since triceps are part of a push-up, making them stronger makes the push-ups easier.  Remember to add variety to your arm workout. 
The basic bicep curl is a standard grip double arm.  Do one arm and then the other.  Your weaker arm will show up. Alternate right and left or do what I call "sliding".  As you lift one weight, lower the other.  Hammer curls (palms facing the body) are good for challenging the smaller muscles in the arm and the reverse grip will challenge the forearm.  Regardless for a good strong arm, a variety is needed.  My favorite triceps exercise is a triceps extension. Try it standing, lying on a bench, sitting on a ball or lying on a ball. It's not the only one to do.  You will need to fill out your workout with something like kickbacks. Whatever exercise you choose, my most important tip is when working biceps and triceps everything else is still.  If you look in the mirror and see yourself leaning back and forth, stop it. Swinging is cheating. You are not benefiting the muscles lifting a weight too heavy and you could damage among other things your back.