Monday, June 20, 2016

Filling The Void

As I watched a weight loss program this morning she weighed in at 414 pounds.  The host of the show, Chris Powell, asked the question "How did you get here". Her response "twelve years of trying to fill a void".   Her Mother died in a car accident while she was in the back seat.
Something as simple as a deer running out in front of the car cost her Mother's life.  When the car stopped rolling she looked out the window and saw her Mother lying on the pavement unable to move.  Some people might turn to alcohol and some to drugs, prescription or not, trying to fill the void.  In this case the women turned to food and ate herself to 414 pounds. When interviewed, her father talked about having two small girls missing their Mom and  the ways he tried to help them were to take them to a movie and often taking them out to eat.   I honestly think it is admirable that any of them could get out of bed in the morning and put their feet on the floor.  No judgment here.  Sometimes there is more to being overweight than just calories in and calories out.  Sometimes the mountain is just too high.  I'm glad she got some help, but I also know there are millions out there with no help in sight trying to fill the void.