Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Dr. Richard Furman is a vascular surgeon of about 30 years and also author of "Prescription For Life".  I have mentioned this book in a previous post.  I find his writing inspirational as well as informative.  Reading it might keep you from saying one day, "I didn't know that". I scanned the book recently looking for information for an upcoming post. I read again his writing about eternity at the end of the book. Appropriately placed, don't you think?  The surgeon admits there comes a time when surgery, medications, nutrition all fail and he is forced to tell his patients that his best efforts are no longer working.  He writes that he always asks the patient if he or she would like to talk about eternity and if the answer is yes, he continues the conversation with the question, "If you were to die this moment and that were the door to heaven and you knocked on the door and it was opened, what would you say that would guarantee your admission?" He has no doubt heard many answers to that question one being a modern day good Samaritan story.   I am reminded again of my own doctor's response when I asked him "What do you tell people?" His answer was in 4 parts.  He said, "I tell them to eat food as close to the way God intended as possible, to exercise, to enjoy their life, and to stay close to God".  I realized he was saying under the best circumstances the first 3 will improve quality of life, but eventually fail.  The fourth will not.